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Kyoto Animation is a unique animation company in recent years, known for its excellent production. Kyoto Animation headquarters is a small three-story building, located in Kyoto Uji City, for ACG fans undoubtedly a place of pilgrimage. It’s a shame that the studio doesn’t allow tours, but there is a KyoAni SHOP on the second floor, where you can buy some SHOP limited peripherals and twisted eggs, and the paper bags sent seem to be SHOP limited as well. Not far from here there is another KyoAni Studio, probably not about 10 minutes away. One can let you quietly read a day comics with a variety of comfortable posture, and outdoor plaza can sunbathe, really comics fans of paradise.

Access to Kyoto Animation Headquarters

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Free of charge

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32, Kibata Osei, Uji-shi, Kyoto

Kyoto Animation Headquarters Introduction

Kyoto Animation is an animation company with a sense of exploration and ambition, he was not willing to just work for others, so he created KA Bunko gradually began his own project, although it is said that the new Kyoto is much different than the old Kyoto both in terms of sales of works and the popularity of works, but Kyoto has always been innovative, has been exploring its different animation style.

Kyoto Animation is a company that knows how to look at the atmosphere he is one of the softest head of Japanese animation companies, as long as he has experienced a failure he will never try the same type again, which is both his strength and his weakness.

Kyoto Animation is neither the most well-financed animation company, nor the one with the best production ability, nor the one with the most human resources, but he has produced successful commercial animation time and again through consistent quality of works and accurate grasp of the market. Kyoto animation’s biggest advantage is his stable quality of painting, said Kyoto painting good and other companies are not the same, Kyoto and A1, Bones, Sunrise different, he improve the quality of painting is not to improve the quality of the performance of a single painting, but through the increase in the number of original paintings to improve the quality of the corresponding painting, his single painting in the industry is not in the best of the line, but the victory is stable.

For the old Kyoto, the phrase “Kyoto production, must be the best” can be said to be true. For the new Kyoto, which is now exploring and shaping, I hope he can carry on this saying.

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