How to purchase tickets for ROCK IN JAPAN

About Rock in Japan

Rock in Japan, one of Japan’s largest outdoor rock festivals, started in 2000 and features more than 100 Japanese artists over two weekends in early August.

Since it is held in the summer, it is a very popular event that is always mentioned in special summer festival features.

The organizer is TOKYO FM, and the festival is organized by Rocking On, which publishes numerous music magazines.

How to purchase tickets

To purchase tickets for ROCK IN JAPAN’2023, you will need to download the official “J-FES” app.



All tickets are “electronic tickets”, so you will need to register your photo and register your companion at the time of purchase.

Purchase Flow

Open “Tickets” in the “J Fes” app.

Select “Accompanying Person(s)”.

You can specify up to 3 accompanying persons in one application.

Select the date of participation (ticket)

The accompanying persons must be of the same ticket type and on the same date.

Select the time you wish to enter

Register your photo

Facial recognition is required at the time of admission.

Complete the application for the representative

No changes can be made after the registration period.

Issuance of accompanying person code

If you selected “With companion” in step 2, a “companion code” will be displayed after the completion of the application for the representative.

Even if there are multiple accompanying persons, only one “accompanying person code” will be issued.

Register the accompanying person’s code

The accompanying person must also “Register as an accompanying person”.

The accompanying person must download the “J Fes” application, register as a member of rockin’onstore, and register his/her photo.

Complete the application

Confirmation of Lottery Results & Payment

◾️ Payment Method

Seven-Eleven payment
Convenience store cash payment
Credit card payment


Electronic tickets will be issued one week to several days prior to the event via the J-Fest app.

If you can’t get SMS verification, you can use an online service to purchase on your behalf.

Front of Stage Swap Area Tickets

For ROCK IN JAPAN, there is an area at the front of the stage called the “Front of Stage Switching Area,” which is completely switchable for each act.

Only those who have purchased tickets can apply for the lottery in advance, and only those who win can enter the “Front of Stage Switching Area”.

ROCK IN JAPAN is a spectacular festival that brings together Japanese artists from a variety of genres, and is sure to be a great summer memory!


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