How to get to Asakusa Underground Shopping

About Asakusa Underground Shopping

It is a shopping street that was established in the basement of Asakusa Station in 1955, about 27 years after the birth of Japan’s first subway system between Ueno and Asakusa Stations.

Asakusa Underground Shopping Center is the oldest existing underground shopping center in Japan. It is a multinational, multidimensional space with a retro feel, directly connected to Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line. Yakisoba noodles, Thai food, Vietnamese food, Thai goods, BAR, Thai coffee shops, and video shops are gathered here.

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How to get to Asakusa Underground Shopping Arcade

When using the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Walk toward Exit No. 6, and you will find the Asakusa underground shopping center on the way to Exit No. 6.

When using the Toei Asakusa Line
Take Exit A5 and look north on the street to see the EKIMISE building (directly connected to Tobu Asakusa Station) with its distinctive clock tower. Aim for this building and you are good to go.

Right in front of EKIMISE, the entrance to the Asakusa underground shopping center is open.

When using the Tobu Skytree Line
When you exit the building from the main entrance on the first floor, you will see the entrance to the Asakusa underground shopping center in front of you.

Filming for movies, YouTube, TV shows, and fashion magazines is welcome.

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