In the Akan National Park in Hokkaido, the Ainu culture and frost flowers

Akan National Park is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, and most of the park is covered by natural coniferous forests. Within 90,481 hectares of land, the three caldera lakes of Akan, Mozhou and Qushang Road are adjacent to each other.

The caldera lake is a depression formed by volcanic activity, and each lake is surrounded by volcanoes. There are observatories everywhere in the park, which can see the original nature of volcanoes, lakes and forests in a large panoramic way.

It takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes to fly from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Kushiro Airport. It takes about 1 hour to transfer to the Akan Bus at the airport and to the shore of Lake Akan. It takes less than 3 hours from Tokyo to reach nature away from everyday life.

On the shores of Lake Akan, there is an indigenous people of Hokkaido, the village of Ainu, “Ainu Village, Akan Lake”. Today, more than 200 Ainu people live here, the largest Ainu village in Hokkaido.

The theater “Ikoro” in the village can enjoy the traditional performing arts registered as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, such as singing and dancing around the raging fire, sending the souls of animals such as brown bears back to the “King Ling” of the Kingdom of God. Festival” and so on.

From the sounds of singing and stringed instruments that have been passed down from ancient times, you can feel the simplicity and mystery. It is also interesting to find folk art at famous stores.

The “Akansen Lake Walk” sponsored by the non-profit organization Akan Tourist Association is only held during the winter season (around January to March). The tour will be accompanied by a guide.

If the weather is good, visitors can walk for an hour or so on the lake. Only about 1-2% of the whole winter can see the frost, and it must be under 15 degrees, no wind, no weather, no snow, the day before, and so on, to see its beautiful figure. The itinerary will change depending on the climate of the year. Please send an email to the following email address in December.


Get in
By plane
The nearest airports are in Kushiro, an hour and a half to the south, Nakashibetsu, an hour to the east, and Memanbetsu, an hour and a half to the north.

By train
The JR Senmō Line (釧網本線) runs north-south across the park on its way from Abashiri to Kushiro, stopping at Kawayu and Teshikaga (Mashu station). There are around 4 trains daily to Abashiri (2 hours, ¥1600) and 6-7 to Kushiro (1:40, ¥1790).

By bus
There are 4 buses daily between Akan and Kushiro station. Infrequent buses connect the lakes to each other and the train station at Bihoro. In season (May-October) bus service is available to Lake Onnetto, serving the Meakan and Akan Fuji trail-heads.


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