How to get to Lake Akan

About Lake Akan

Lake Akan, which sounds extremely cold, but when you dip your naked body in the hot soup, you can see the deep blue lake and the mountains that stretch away from the fog, you will sigh how can you be so comfortable at this moment, and when you come to Lake Akan, please don’t leave without soaking in the hot spring.

We were standing at the edge of Lake Akan, gazing at the lead-colored mountains in the distance, and the calm lake from the foot of the mountains to my feet, when it was calm, there was not a single ripple, and occasionally when the wind picked up, it rolled up the deep blue waves.

When we arrived at Lake Akan, it was suddenly snowing heavily. It was shivering.

The surface of Lake Akan was completely frozen. There are mainly some ice sports to play. But, it was really cold!

The fish caught here can be immediately taken to the restaurant next to the processing.

If you have enough time, it is recommended to stay in Akan for one night. Landlubbers can choose Despicable Seat, a quiet and secluded location for the filming of “Non-Stop”. You can also have a good stroll around the hot spring street and learn about the culture of Lake Akan Ainu village.

How to get there

Take the Akan bus that connects Lake Akan with Kushiro Airport;

A route between Kushiro Station on the JR Hokkaido Nemuro Main Line, which takes about 120 minutes to reach.

Transfer service is available to all hot spring hotels that book Lake Akan.


Free of charge


Lake Akan is really the place I dream of!!! Beautiful scenery! Great hotel! And ice fishing, ice motorcycle, banana boat and a series of ice rides!!! Perfect!!!

1. All ice projects need to go to the ticket cabin in advance to buy the tickets for the project in the venue!

2. ice fishing project is divided into two kinds, one is in the wild ice fishing, that is, digging a hole, fishing for small fish in Lake Akan under the ice, this kind is 1500JPY / person, even if the fishing can not come up can go to the cabin to get a small hairy fish tempura (because really really really hard to fish); the other is fishing in the fish pond, 600JPY / 30 minutes / person. Fish really fried chicken fishing, prepared in advance with their water and fishing rods are iced up, my partner and I just caught a small hairy fish!

In addition, the fireworks at Lake Akan seem to start at 8:00, but I misremembered the time, and suddenly saw the fireworks while strolling around Ainu Village, and barely made it to the venue to see the tail end of the fireworks. But this firework is really far worse than the fireworks in the Magic City. The fireworks are over, and the crowd attending the festival at Lake Akan is less than half, but the festival items have not closed !


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