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About The Road of Patchwork

This day was the most important part of this Hokkaido trip: the Biei Ride on the Patchwork Road. After weighing our strength, stamina, ability and endurance, I decided to choose the Quilted Road over the Panorama Road. Although I don’t know how beautiful the Panorama Road is, but the Patchwork Road is really very, very, very beautiful.

The important thing is that when we didn’t follow the regular route and went into some trails by mistake, the scenery we saw was not from the public’s point of view, it was simply beautiful to cry!

The entire crop, a big piece of it, was spread out on the rolling ground, really like a piece of different colored cloth put together, some people say this place is God’s drawing board, I would say this is the artistic masterpiece of Biei farmers! The weather was clear, the sky was blue, the clouds were white, and the fields were endless. Being in them has never been so relaxing physically and mentally. I rode my bike, sliding down the slopes, the wind blowing in my ears, taking away the sweat from my forehead and washing away the haze in my lungs. OMG, how else can I describe it?

How to get there

Get off at Biei Station on JR, rent a bicycle and ride north on Route 237, then turn left when you see a fork in the road and enter the Quilting Road area;

You can also take the JR sightseeing bus to visit the Quilting Road. Buses depart from JR Furano Station and Biei Station, and you can purchase a 4-day free ride ticket.


Free of charge


Because of its geography, Biei’s farmland cannot be planted in several areas in succession, and its hilly location has created a land filled with colorful fields and an endless skyline. Biei is not a place of great mountains and rivers, but every farmland is decorated like a Japanese garden, and even the harvested crops have an artistic beauty. All of this is a reflection of the love that the farmers of Biei have for their land. Perhaps, as much as the affection for love, family and friends in general.

The Quilting Road features a variety of trees with story backgrounds. Some have been featured in advertisements, such as the “Tree of Seven Stars” and the “Tree of Ken and Mary,” while others have unusual forms, such as the “Tree of Parents and Children” and the “Book of Philosophers. “The Book of Philosophers” (which was cut down this year by the owner of the farmland).

The time of our trip was after the harvesting period of the crops, and there were not many crops. However, the artfully painted idyllic scenery still captivated us. It was the first time we visited a hilly area and the first time we were struck by the picture of the ups and downs. Hokkaido in autumn is filled with blue skies and white clouds every day, where almost every landscape can be photographed as wallpaper. To experience the rolling scenery of the patchwork road, an electric-assisted bicycle is enough. If you sit in a car, you will not be able to experience the thrill and beauty of the ride.

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