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About Farm Tomita

At the entrance of Tomita Farm, there is an open souvenir store with a glimpse of cute little purple things, most of which are peripheral products made from lavender. Because of the cold weather, the flowering period of many varieties was delayed, so at Tomiura Farm, except for the lavender that was already in full bloom, there was almost only a monopoly of green leaves and yellow-brown soil left, whereas in previous years, at this time of the year, the flower fields had already been in full bloom.

It’s not that we don’t regret it, it’s just that the first time we saw a large field of lavender flowers, we were still jumping for joy, it was almost evening, there were large clouds in the sky, and the sunlight always came and went, every time the sun came out, little by little it diffused through the flowers, and then a small cluster, a small cluster of lavender became bright and vivid. We lingered in this flower field for a long time, in order to wait for the light to come.

There is also a souvenir store in Tomita Farm, and some ice cream stores and cafes. I bought a lavender ice cream, and a cantaloupe ice cream, both tasted great.

How to get there

Take the JR Furano Line and get off at Nakafurano Station, and walk for about 25 minutes.

In summer, the Furano-Biei Norokko train runs from June to August, and also runs on weekends and holidays in September.


Free of charge


The early-blooming lavender is already open, and although it is not yet in full bloom, we are already satisfied. Compared to the lavender at the Four Seasons of Color Hill, the lavender at Futian Farm is very competitive!

The lavender in the middle of Futian Farm is planted at intervals of early blooming and late blooming lavender, and we can only see that the early blooming lavender is mostly open, while the late blooming part is not open at all.

We arrived early, and there were not many visitors yet.

The difference between Tomita Farm and Shiki no Koka is that Tomita Farm is a piece-by-piece area, while Shiki no Koka is a spectacular patchwork of distant hills, so Tomita Farm is suitable for partial shots, while Shiki no Koka is suitable for panoramic shots.

So if you come early like us, the panoramic view is not good yet, and the local area already has some flowers in bloom, then naturally the Futa Farm is more worthy.

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