How to get to New Chitose Airport

About New Chitose Airport

New Chitose Airport is served by many airlines, both domestic and international, and more than 22 million passengers use the airport every year.

The terminal building is not only full of gourmet food and shopping facilities, but also entertainment and relaxation facilities, so there is more than enough time before and after your flight to enjoy all that the airport has to offer!

How to get there

Generally, JR is used from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport

A one-way trip from Sapporo Station to New Chitose Airport costs 1,150 yen. A round-trip fare will cost 2,300 yen. If you are traveling to Sapporo Station, please consider the train fare to Sapporo Station as well.

The train ride from Sapporo Station to New Chitose Airport takes 37 minutes. The distance is 46.6 km.

The train you will take is the “Rapid Airport”. Trains depart from Sapporo Station to New Chitose Airport every 15 minutes.

Another option is to take a bus from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport. Comparing only the fare, buses are cheaper. However, buses are not recommended.

Buses tend to be delayed due to road conditions.
Express buses leaving from Sapporo Station take a long time just to get out of the city. It takes time to travel from Sapporo Station to the Kitahiroshima Interchange, which is not as fast as expected.

If you want to travel faster from Sapporo by highway bus, choose a bus that takes the highway from the Sapporo Kita IC. The center of Sapporo Station is easily crowded with cars and is worst in winter.


New Chitose Airport is not only a shopping destination, but also has several entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed even without flying. I went to the Hello Kitty Happy Flight, which I had wanted to visit for a long time.
It was a weekday afternoon, so it was very empty and I was able to take my time. It is a facility where you can feel like you are traveling around the world with Sanrio characters. There is also a Sanrio café next door where you can get Kitty’s curry and rice, etc.
Although there is a fee for this facility, it is recommended for Sanrio lovers and those with small children.
Other than Hello Kitty Happy Flight, I liked Sato Suisan. I usually only shop at the Hokkaido product exhibition, and it was nice to be able to purchase products that are not sold at the exhibition. There was a wide variety of products. We were also able to ship to distant places.

When traveling in Hokkaido, we recommend that you spend plenty of time at New Chitose Airport for shopping and entertainment.


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