How to get to Mt Hakodate

About Mt Hakodate

There are two ways to climb Mt. Hakodate, a cable car, 780 yen for a one-way trip and 1,250 yen for a round trip, and a bus, 220 yen for a one-way trip.

There is no entrance fee to the Hakodate Mountain Observatory itself, so this is the only expense, and it is simply too conscientious to compare with popular domestic attractions. We took the cable car when we went up and the bus when we came down.

The top of the mountain with a mountain of people to describe is not too much, crowded is to see the “small barbaric waist” Bay night view, take a picture of the scene, and then a selfie. We patiently wait and wait, wait until the front of the wave after wave of people go away finally squeezed to the front. If people are not so many, blowing the wind on top, feeling really good (but a little cold, to stay a long time to bring a jacket).

How to get there

Take the Ichiden and get off at Cross Street Station, then walk to the entrance of the ropeway and take the ropeway up the mountain.

-From Hakodate JR Station, take a mountain bus directly to the mountain.


Ropeway ticket (round-trip): Adult 1280 yen/Children 640 yen; Ropeway ticket (one-way): Adult 780 yen/Children 390 yen (Mon.-Sun., Jan. 1-Dec. 31)


When we saw the night view of Mt. Hakodate from afar, we just wanted to get to the best observation deck as fast as possible because, it was really freezing on the mountain. Finally, we found the best observation deck, and the night view was amazing.

The world’s top three night views: Hong Kong Victoria Harbor, Hakodate and Naples.

I can only compare the night view of Victoria Harbor and Hakodate, I think the night view of Victoria Harbor and the Bund in Shanghai is similar, both are architectural, really nice. And Hakodate is another style, no main and secondary, all blended into one, the power of the stars. It’s really beautiful.

The last bus is 9:30, we remembered as 9:40, gorgeous missed.

The lesson learned is that each time to confirm the schedule in advance, after all, the official website is not necessarily the most accurate, seeing is believing.

The last gondola time is 10:00, the gondola 15 minutes a class, is the kind of large gondola can carry hundreds of people, in front of the line can stand in front, and can see the night view, really great.

The cable car runs for 3 minutes to the foot of the mountain, in the best view of the location will drive very slowly, after full speed down.


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