How to get to Asari,Otaru

About Asari,Otaru

Asari,Otaru is Located midway between Sapporo and Otaru, the Otaru Asari Klasser Hotel is the perfect place to stay.

Surrounded by mountains and the sea and not far from the metropolitan area, it offers a good sense of distance.

It is conveniently located about 2 hours and 45 minutes from Tokyo and Haneda Airport. The 360-degree greenery in the deep green area not only relieves the stress of the day, but also revitalizes the mind and body. There is a park golf course and a golf course with a mountain course on the banks of the Asari River surrounded by forests. From mid-July to mid-August, fireflies are released and revived every year.

How to get there

Take the JR Hakodate Main Line and get off at Asato Station.

By bus, get off at Asato-cho Station and walk for 2 minutes.


Free of charge


Many people say that the train ride from Sapporo to Otaru is the most beautiful coastal train in the world ~ watching the waves roll by in layers, changing the scenery and making the whole heart become peaceful.

The snow here is still as white as new and few people come to the station, and occasionally a car drives directly to the station ~ the town is located on the slopes and at the foot of the mountains, and the colorful houses of each family become a rare bright color in the snow scene.

As Chaori is very small, it started to snow, and this is the biggest snow I have ever seen in my life. Watching the snowflakes scrambling down in the blue sea and colorful town, melting with the unmelted snow, the beauty and tranquility, which cannot be described in words, like a piece of pure land reserved for human cultivation and residence.

The two of us who were frozen decided to continue our journey and reluctantly said goodbye to the seaside town.

The unmanned small station of Netflix hit – Chaori. There is only one staff member to maintain order in Chaori to prevent accidents on the track, and whether riding the train or buying tickets out of the station, it is all based on self-awareness.

The most unique feature of the station is actually the colorful houses here, a row of colorful houses, very fairy tale style, and behind the house is the sea, imagine living in such a sea view house, the mood must be very happy.

We went when the storm was really too big, the sea was not blue and rolled up a pile of foam. Come summer, it must be beautiful!

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