Popular Hokkaido souvenirs, it’s worth going several times for these desserts

Don’t miss out on the exquisite selection of delicious souvenirs in Hokkaido, combining cheese, milk, strawberries, chocolate and other elements that will make you want to take a bite!


One! Definitely! Must! Eat it!

If you love cheese, you can’t miss it! It’s like a cheesecake or a pudding, and when you go home and ice it, it’s a different kind of texture.


Doesn’t this picture remind you of the snowy white land of Hokkaido?

Not only is it beautiful to look at, but this Hokkaido raw cheese roll is so smooth and refreshing to eat, and with a cup of tea and simple, pretty cutlery, it makes a super girly afternoon tea!


There are three biscuits in the Otaru shortbread, and apart from being solid and crunchy to eat, the rich chocolate flavour is what makes them so good to try one bite after another. They have been sold locally in Hokkaido for over fifty years and are a national snack, so you have to get your hands on such a classic biscuit!


The soft and flavourful crust, the thick whipped cream and the grape sandwich make this a thick snack that is worth returning to again and again. The classic packaging is also perfect for giving to friends. The classic packaging is also perfect for gifting to friends. However, please note that they are good for about two weeks, so be sure to eat them quickly when you bring them back!


Dip the dried strawberries in chocolate (available in black and white chocolate)! Chocolate is a perfect match for strawberries, and the crunchy dried strawberries add a little more texture, so it’s easy to stop taking bites in the little round box.


The perfect gift for friends and family! A gift that will amaze as soon as you open it, with six colours of sweets that will break open when you put them in your mouth with gentle pressure, followed by the aroma of the rich sweet wine that will fill your mouth, one sip after another is a surprise, the iron box is classically beautiful and it’s great to keep for the little things!


Each of the three layers of cheesecake has a different taste, and the statistics of friends and relatives are that this is really the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten, and there are two other flavours, matcha and chocolate, which are also recommended, if you are very afraid of greasy people, the original flavour is very enough!


You can buy them for your friends once you’re in Japan! Plus there are so many flavours available at the airport, sometimes limited flavours, and at a fraction of the price, they’re as good as premium chocolate!

Recommended: Champagne, Matcha

9.KINOTOYA Kino-Toya Cheese Pudding

The rich cheese pudding, which won the “Long Line Popular Dessert Award” on a Japanese show, tastes very creamy and the small size is just right.

After reading this, you’ll want to go to Hokkaido right away! You’ll be able to find out more about it! Take notes! Hokkaido’s fresh buttermilk desserts are different, and with the careful Japanese packaging, these are the desserts to remember, whether you’re buying them for home or as a gift! You must try them all!

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