【shopping】Yo-Kai Watch Official shop(This spot is closed )

I went to the Yo-Kai Watch Official shop”Yorozu mart”
They are located in LaLaport Toyosu in Tokyo.

You can go there by Tokyo metro Yurakucho line, get off Toyosu station, and out exit2.

The shop will have not just popular products for sale but will also have an atmosphere in which you can enjoy the world unique to YoKai Watch.

There is a photo shooting space too.

Clerks are also carrying Yo-Kai Watch bags.

The inside of the store will also feature intricate lighting that changes depending on the time.

It is like like jumped into the world of anime.

I think here is unbearable place for children.

Because they are popular, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is taking admission regulations.

There will also be a time service event called “Demon Time” during which staff members will hand out tickets to customers.

Address and official website

Yo-Kai Watch Official shop Yorozu mart
Koto-ku, Tokyo Toyosu 2-chome, 4-9 Yubinbango135-0061 LaLaport Toyosu Center port 3F
Open: 10-21


This spot is closed

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