Tokyo to Hokkaido, how to move the most cost-effective!

Hokkaido is the largest administrative district in the 47 prefectures and cities of Japan. The distance between the city and the city is far away. Even if you want to go from Tokyo to Hokkaido, you must decide which city you want to travel to in Hokkaido. The most suitable transportation itinerary.

This time, based on the information of the Hokkaido Shinkansen in July 2018, the cost, time, and convenience will be compared.

Fast and convenient aircraft

There are 11 airports in Hokkaido, 9 of which can be reached directly from Haneda Airport. The number of daily flights is 10 classes at Asahikawa Airport, 8 classes at Hakodate Airport, 7 classes at Obihiro Airport, 6 classes at Kushiro Airport, 3 classes at Miyakobe (Nagai) Airport, and 1 class at Wakkanai, Monbetsu and Nakajijin (Root) airports.

The New Chitose (Sapporo) Airport has more than 50 flights a day from Haneda Airport. The departure time from Haneda Airport is about one and a half hours, and the regular seat starts at 11890 yen. From the Narita Airport, you can take advantage of affordable low-cost flights, starting at around 8,920 rounds. In addition, transportation fees and time from Tokyo to Narita Airport must be paid special attention.

In addition to the domestic routes in Japan, the new Chitose Airport is also full of international lines. The number of passengers is the third largest in Japan, only Haneda and Narita Airport. There are a variety of intimate services such as shopping malls and hot springs in the airport, so that passengers can be happy without waiting.

New Chitose Airport provides flights to Hakodate, Kushiro, Mt. Mang, Wakkanai and Nakabiaojin Airports, making it easy for passengers to move around Hokkaido. The transportation from Shin-Chitose Airport to Sapporo City is also very complete, including the airport bus (1030 yen) which takes about 50 to 90 minutes, and the JR Express Airport (1,070 yen) which is the fastest 37 minutes.

Hokkaido Shinkansen (Tokyo-Hakodate)

If you used to take a tram to Hokkaido, you can take the JR Strait Line at Shin Shinsen Station at Shinkansen Terminal, or the Tsugaru Strait Ferry to Hakodate is the only option.

However, the Hokkaido Shinkansen has been in operation since March 26, 2016, and it is directly accessible from the Tokyo Station to the new Hakodate Beidou Station. The shuttle bus time is from 06:00 to 19:20, around 10 miles a day, the time required is about 4 hours, and the regular ticket price is 26,780 yen.

It takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly from Haneda to Hakodate Airport. Although the flight time is relatively low, the Shinkansen is less susceptible to the harsh weather such as winter snowfall, causing delays or suspensions.

In addition, spending time on the Shinkansen also has its own unique charm. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the Mercedes-Benz outside the Hakodate Mountains, you can enjoy the elegant and elegant travel of the railway lunch box full of Hokkaido’s mountains and seas.


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