How to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden? Analyze the three major exports no longer get lost!

“Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden” is an overwhelming tourist attraction in the Shinjuku area.

Every day, many visitors come to appreciate the four seasons of flowers and visit three different gardens of Japanese style, British landscape and French renovation. I believe that many people think that if you come to Shinjuku, you must come here.

Surprisingly, very few people know that Shinjuku Gyoen has three entrances. Depending on the departure station, or if you want to use the different entrances for the first viewing of the garden, you can make the Shinjuku Gyoen Tour more enjoyable. This article will focus on the way the nearest station goes to each entrance.

From Shinjuku Station

The “Shinjuku Gate”, which has the largest number of users in the three gates of Shinjuku Gyoen, has many people entering the park every day.

The most convenient way to get to Shinjuku Gate is JR Shinjuku Station. After exiting the south exit of JR Shinjuku Station, walk to the left for about 10 minutes on the road in front of you (koushu kaido) and you will see the Shinjuku Gate on the right hand side.

When entering from Shinjuku, it is about the same distance from the Japanese garden and the British landscape garden. It seems that the Japanese garden across the garden site can make people feel the unique atmosphere of Japanese culture, and the wide English garden on the lawn can make people feel relaxed.

Those who want to enjoy the Japanese style first, please enter the Japanese garden on the right hand side. Those who want to eliminate fatigue in a wide area can go straight to the English landscape garden. It’s a great thing to be able to choose with the mood of the day like this.

From Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station

The location is the opposite of the Japanese garden. From Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station Exit 2, you can get there. After exiting Exit 2, walk past the zebra crossing, turn left at the end, and walk along the road for about 5 minutes to reach Okidomon .

From JR Sendagaya Station

The “Sendagaya gate” is located at the opposite side of the Shinjuku Gate and the north and south of Sendagaya.

After going out of the Sendagaya Station, go straight to the right and turn right at the first corner. After crossing the highway and the tram bridge, walk straight along the road for about 5 minutes to see the Sendagaya gate on the right hand side.

After entering the entrance, you can see the “Sakura Garden” which is full of dozens of cherry trees. In the deep, it is dyed into a red “Maple Red Mountain” after the fall. Sakura shinchi, kaede kouzan, and winter scenery, the area where you can feel the four seasons of Japan is the attraction of the Sendagaya gate.


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