【festival】Iris festival at Mizumoto park

Katsushika iris festival has been held festival in Mizumoto Park in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo.
This year’s June 5, 2015 (Friday) to June 25 (Thursday).

Admission is free. Since I went to a weekday, did nothing and see Anyone. Tents were also closed.

It might be fun if you go on the weekend. Weekends has events and they are crowded with spectators .

It is also good to see slowly iris on the weekday.

Before iris festival,It is different views since there is no water. 
The iris was a wonderful reflection on the surface of the water.


Even the back of the garden, there is a place where irises are planted. It is a place you must to visit because it is once of opportunity a year.

The irises has vivid color. In Katsushika There is also Horikiri iris garden.


Mizumoto park
3-2 Mizumoto park Katsishika Tokyo
Access: JR Kanamachi station, take a bus.

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