【Hight way bus】Travel from Osaka to Nagoya by WILLER EXPRESS

I tried to use WILLER EXPRESS from Osaka- to Nagoya.

Where is the bus terminal?

WILLER Bus Terminal Osaka Umeda is located in Umeda Sky Building where is about a 10-minute walk from JR Osaka Station.

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The bus terminal is so beautiful.
If you have time, you can also go to the free observation deck of Umeda Sky Building.

They will guide you to the bus when the time comes.
There was also the WILLER  Express cafe. I would like to go if there is an opportunity.

The driver will tell you the seat when you get on.

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What does the bus seat of WILLER EXPRESS look like?

This is in the bus. There are announcements in English and Chinese. There is a neckrest. This is very comfy.

There is a plastic bottle drink holder,
The foot rest is in the way. No one is using it.

Willer Express has a solid outlet and power supply. There are free Wi-Fi , but Wifi was not connected well.

Blankets are set at the luggage storage for each seat, so you can use them freely.

We took a break in the rest spot on the way.  there were announcements before arrival.

WILLER Bus terminal Osaka Umeda


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