Japan instagrammable places,: Good shots, Netflix attractions all recommended for you, next time you come here don’t say only Disneyland!

1.Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree, also known as Tokyo Skytree, is a blue and white tower with an observation deck that offers a panoramic view of Tokyo. At 350 metres above ground level, the Sky Deck of TOKYO SKYTREE features a 360-degree view of the city from the base of the tower, with large glass panels.

The 450-metre-high Tokyo Skytree Sky Lounge is a glass-encrusted, tube-shaped corridor that gives you the feeling of walking through the air. Don’t miss the souvenir shop on the ground floor, where you can find a wide range of limited edition items from the tower!

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About Tokyo Sky Tree The Tokyo Sky Tree was born in 2012 as a new lan...


You can also go to Shibuya for shopping and food (especially curry and rice, there are really good food here, so it’s a gourmet gathering place), and experience the famous crossroads in front of Shibuya station, where 2 to 3,000 people cross the street every time the light turns green, and the highest number of people crossing in a day is over 2 million, which is really amazing!

3.Tokyo Tower

Builded in 1958, Tokyo Tower is a 333-metre high radio and television tower and one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It also has a large observation deck and a special observation deck with a view of downtown Tokyo.

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About Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower, still a beloved symbol of Tokyo, was c...

4.SHIBUYA SKY Outlook Terrace

SHIBUYA SKY Observatory is located in the SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE SQUARE, a commercial complex in Shibuya, Tokyo, and is accessible by lift from the 14th floor entrance to the Observatory.

The facility is divided into three areas: SKY GATE, a mobile space where you can take the lift from the 14th floor of the ticket office to the 45th floor; SKY GALLERY, an indoor observation gallery from the 45th floor to the 46th floor; and SKY STAGE, an outdoor observation terrace on the 46th floor. The highlight of the facility is the SKY STAGE observation terrace, which offers a 360-degree view of Tokyo’s city centre and is designed with transparent glass so that you can experience the sensation of floating as one.


5.Toyosu New Art Museum

Located in the Toyosu neighbourhood of Tokyo, teamLab Planets is a body-immersive art gallery, where art is experienced physically through light, shadow and line. The exhibition is divided into five different spaces with seven works, each of which is designed to be ‘Body Immersive’ and consists of a huge body-immersive group of works.

The works in the exhibition space change as the visitor interacts with them, and in this way, the blurred line between body and work is experienced, allowing the visitor to rethink their relationship with the world.

Tokyo, Japan|Tickets for the Toyosu Museum of New Forms teamLab Planets TOKYO
A new type of art in which people and works become one, with the concept of “Body Immersive”, in which the body is fully immersed.


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6.Universal Studios Japan

You can’t forget Universal Studios Japan when it comes to Kansai! Universal Studios Japan is located very close to the centre of Osaka and is easily accessible from Osaka Station, just 20 minutes away by JR, making it a must-visit attraction in Osaka and since the arrival of Harry Potter in 2014, it has attracted a huge number of visitors.


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