Limited Express Shinano Ride Guide Nagano to Nagoya!

Shinano is a special express train operated by Tokai Railway (JR Tokai) and East Japan Railway (JR East) between Nagoya Station and Nagano Station via Chuo Main Line, Shinanoi Line and Shinetsu Main Line.

I myself often use this train for my own railway trips. So, in this article, I will introduce what kind of train this limited express Shinano is and how to get a ticket for it.

If you are planning to take this train, please refer to this article!

Limited Express Shinano runs from Nagano to Nagoya

Limited Express Shinano is a limited express train of JR Tokai between Nagano Station and Nagoya Station!

Stops are as follows.

Nagoya, #Kanayama, Chikusa, Tajimi, #Ena, Nakatsugawa, #Minamikiso, #Uematsu, Kisofukushima, Shiojiri, Matsumoto, #Akina, #Seikogen, Shinonoi, Nagano

Nagoya to Shiojiri takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes, and Nagoya to Nagano takes about 3 hours!

Most of the sections are in the mountains, so you can enjoy the rich natural scenery as you travel.

Limited Express Shinano Fare

Limited Express Shinano has three types of seats: Non-reserved, Reserved, and Green Car.

Of course, each fare is different, and here is a rough summary of the fares between major stations.

Nagano – Matsumoto
Non-reserved seat 2,370 yen Reserved seat 2,700 yen Green car 3,670 yen

Nagano – Kisofukushima
Non-reserved seat 3840yen Reserved seat 4170yen Green car 6640yen

Nagano – Nakatsugawa
Non-reserved seat 5280 yen Reserved seat 5610 yen Green car 8080 yen

Nagano – Nagoya
Non-reserved seat 6930 yen Reserved seat 7260 yen Green car 11120 yen

Matsumoto – Nakatsugawa
Matsumoto – Nakatsugawa Non-reserved seat 3840 yen Reserved seat 4170 yen Green car 6640 yen

Matsumoto – Nagoya
Matsumoto – Nagoya Non-reserved seat 5610 yen Reserved seat 5940 yen Green car 8410 yen

Personally, if you’re going to take a nonreserved seat, I suggest you take a reserved seat! (Because it gets crowded)

How to make reservations and purchase Express Shinano

There are two major ways to reserve and purchase limited express Shinano tickets.

Station ticket window or reserved seat ticket vending machine

By Internet, we mean that you can make reservations through JR East’s Ekinet and JR West’s e5489 reservation sites, respectively.

Make a reservation and issue a ticket at a reserved-seat ticket machine at the station by the day of the ride, and you will be able to board the Shina!

However, you need to register as a member and register your credit card, so this is not suitable for those who prefer to pay in cash.

JR Nagano station

If you are along the train lines where the limited express Shinano runs, you can also reserve a seat from a reserved seat ticket machine, so you can get an express ticket for the seat you want without standing in line at the counter!

Especially recommended for those who want to ride in the green car with panoramic view!

Seat assignments cannot be made online.

The problem with Internet reservations is that seat selection is not possible.

For example, the first row of seats in the first car of Limited Express Shinano offers a panoramic view of the driver’s seat.

If you want to take this seat, you have to go to Midori-no-Madoguchi and ask an attendant to take it, or you have to reserve a seat using a reserved seat ticket vending machine at a station where Shinano runs.

By the way, you can reserve a window or aisle seat in the “◯” car on the Ekinet, but please note that you cannot reserve a seat in detail like the seat D in the 6th row of the No. 3 car!

Inside the Limited Express Shinano

Here we introduce you to the inside of the Limited Express Shinano train!

Limited Express Shinano trains often run in 6-car formation, and depending on the number of passengers, may run in 8 or 10 cars!

The seats are the same whether they are non-reserved or reserved seats.
Since the cars are old, they are not equipped with power outlets or USB ports.

By the way, if you take the limited express Shinano, I strongly recommend you to sit in a reserved seat! (Especially on holidays)

The reason is simple: it gets crowded.

The basic number of unreserved seats on the limited express Shinano is two cars, and many people rush here.

I tried to take a nonreserved seat on Sunday before, but it was impossible to sit down…. There were also many standing passengers.

The fare difference between a nonreserved seat and a reserved seat is only about 300 yen even if you ride from Nagano to Nagoya.

It would be better to pay 300 yen to get a seat that you can be sure to sit in.

It is worth paying the green ticket because you can enjoy the panoramic view from the seat of No.1 green car of Limited Express Shinano.

A free pass that can be used at Shinade

Limited Express Shinano trains are operated by JR Tokai, but the Matsumoto – Nagano section is on JR East’s tracks.

Therefore, you can use JR East’s “Shinshu One-Day Pass” for this section!

Since this free pass is applied to the train ticket, you can ride on the train as long as you buy an express ticket.

Tokyo-Nagoya can be traveled only by limited express train.

The best way to get from Tokyo to Nagoya is to take the Tokaido Shinkansen.
However, you can also travel between Tokyo and Nagoya by limited express train only!

This route is to take the limited express Azusa from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to Shiojiri and the limited express Shinano from Shiojiri to Nagoya.

If you want to travel in comfort by train, or if you are curious to try a different route than usual, do it!

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