I went to Shimachu Homes.

What is Shimachu Homes?

Shimachu” sign in kanji = small size (Ashikaga is a furniture store, Matsudo is a home center, and Saitama is the most common, but location and size are inconsistent, such as furniture and home center stores) “Shimachu” sign with half-painting = medium size store or furniture specialty store such as Kashiwa Red-only “HOME’S” sign = home center and furniture floor Large-scale stores that comprehensively include both furniture floors and home centers, as well as huge shopping center businesses that include other types of tenants. However, “Holmes Izumisano” is a medium-sized store specializing in furniture.

Shimachu Homes Misato Chuo Store is located just outside Misato Chuo Station.

There is also a parking lot. Since it is a home center, the parking lot is very large and convenient.

This store is a combination of a home improvement center Home’s on the first floor and a furniture store Shimachu on the second floor.
There were materials outside.

The home improvement center on the first floor is compact and easy to buy from.

There was also a pet beauty salon. Also, you can buy pets.

There are also fish. It is a little aquarium.

There is also a Mos Burger on the first floor. It is convenient for taking a short break.
The menu is exactly the same as other Mos Burger restaurants. On weekdays, due to its location, there are many takeout customers, such as gutenkei (hard-working men) for lunch and hospital staff from nearby hospitals.

The second floor is the furniture section. It may be easy to buy because the store area is not that large. Even though it was Sunday, the store was quite empty.

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