【Nagoya】How to get to Pokemon Center Nagoya

Where is the location?

Pokémon Center Nagoya is an official Pokémon store.

It moved from Oasis 21 to the 5th floor of Matsuzakaya Nagoya in 2013.

Matsuzakaya Nagoya itself is located in Sakae, downtown Nagoya.

The Pokémon Center is directly underground from Yabacho Station on the Meijo Subway Line. 5F is not the entire floor, but a fraction of the floor is the Pokémon Center.

There are also many figures and stationery.

The scale is quite impressive for a town center. There are the same stores all over Japan, but I think this Pokemon Center is one of the larger ones in terms of scale. The store is also quite clean, making it a great place for Pokemon otaku!

There was also a Pikachu in a regional costume.

There was also a place to enjoy card battles and arcade games. In the back of the store, the ever-popular gacha-gacha corner and commemorative medals (I wanted medals to commemorate my move, etc.) were still available.

Pokémon card section.

There was a beautiful rainbow on the way back.

I am a big adult, but it is a dream place for me. I don’t have any particular Pokemon games, but I only like Pikachu and excitedly go there to buy Pikachu products.
I don’t buy dolls, so I am really happy to be surrounded by Pikachu dolls.
At Christmas time, limited edition goods and packs are on sale, and they are a bargain.
The interior of the store is made to look as if it were in the world of Pokemon.
The staff is also very nice and they don’t break the atmosphere.

During the gift-giving season, there are a lot of kids, so if you are like me, I recommend going on a weekday when there are no kids around.


Basic Information of Pokémon Center Nagoya

Store name Pokémon Center Nagoya
Zip code 460-8430 Location
Address: 3-16-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Phone number (052) 264-2727
Business hours: AM 10:00 – PM 19:30
Closed: No holidays (irregular holidays) *Follows the regular closing days of Matsuzakaya Nagoya Main Bldg. 5F


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