These are Shiga’s recommended souvenirs: Introducing the Top 10 must-haves

Shiga Prefecture is just an hour away from Kyoto and you’re wondering what to buy.

Omi cattle is one of the three major Wagyu

Omi tea is the originator of Japanese tea

Surrounded by mountains and centred around Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture is home to one of the three great Wagyu cows, Omi, and is famous for its abundance of Omi tea, which has led to the creation of many sweets and jelly with tea. Take a look at some of the most popular items that you must buy!

 These are Shiga’s recommended souvenirs: Introducing the Top 10 must-haves

“CLUB HARIE is a confectionery shop with its origins in Omi Hachiman, and its masterpiece is this golden-coloured “New Year’s Cake”, which is also available at our café in Omi Hachiman. The hand-made cake is soft and moist, and the frosting is not overly sweet, making it a masterpiece that you will want to eat again and again.

Address: 615-1 Kitanosho-cho, Omi-Yawata-shi, Shiga

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2.Lake Country Cheesecake

Kobo Chou-Chou’s “Lake Country Cheesecake” is made with sake from six local breweries in Shiga Prefecture and blended with water from Lake Biwa, including “Shichimoto Gun”, “Kira Nagi”, “Mifukyu”, “Ogi Noiru”, “Nani Noi” and “Matsunosu”. The raw cheese cheesecake is served in a sake glass, full of the aroma of sake, and the glass is a collectible souvenir!

工房 Chou-Chou

3.Oumi tea

The earliest tea in Japan, we recommend the Omi-cha Maruyoshi matured roasted tea bags

It is said that the first Japanese tea was brought back from China by Master Mamoru and started to be cultivated in Shiga, and the long history of Omi tea has a unique aroma and rounded flavour that is loved by tea lovers. Omi-cha Maruyoshi in Koga City is famous for its roasted teas, such as Risei roasted tea, which is made from the fermentation of the finest Omi tea leaves, and is packaged in tea bags for easy consumption and as a gift. In addition to tea, you can also enjoy a variety of sweets made from roasted tea, such as tongkatayaki and fenansuki, in our tea room.

近江茶 丸吉

4. Watayo’s “dingwai goat jelly”

A famous specialty of Omi Hachiman, Watayo’s “dingwai goat jelly” is made with a red bean filling and wheat flour. The word “dingwai” originally means “tender” because it has less red beans and sugar than a typical goat jelly, and has a lighter taste.


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5.Itokiri rice cake

Itokiri, a local specialty from Shiga, is a Japanese confection made of rice and filled with red beans. As the region was invaded by the Mongols 700 years ago, the confection is painted with three blue and red stripes from the Mongolian flag and cut with a line symbolising a sword. It has won the Minister of Health and Welfare’s Award and the Prime Minister’s Award for its Itojiri cakes. It has a great location directly opposite the Taga Taisha Shrine, so why not stop by after your visit to taste Itojiri cakes with tea and buy souvenirs to take home?


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6.Daifuku mochi

If you like Daifuku mochi, look out! Founded in 865, this Kumquat Daifuku is made from the highest quality Shiga Habuji glutinous rice and filled with kumquat and white bean paste, with an unforgettable sweet and sour taste.

御菓子司 しろ平老舗
地址:滋贺県爱知郡爱荘町爱知川 1504-1

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The colour is not produced by pigment, but by iron trioxide, which is useful for people who are often anaemic. You can find it at the Nerimatsu Foods Yoshii Store near Omi Hachiman Station, which was established in the 24th year of the Meiji era and is worth a visit.

乃利松食品 吉井商店

8.Oumi Beef

Omi Beef, one of the top three Wagyu beef in Japan, is a must-try in Shiga Prefecture, and at Mouri Shiman you can enjoy the delicious Omi Beef Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu.


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9.Dorayaki Kotetsu

Hikone Castle’s mascot, Hikone Meow, has a huge fan base, and cat lovers can’t go wrong with the Hikone Meow-branded gyro-yaki, which has a rich, honeyed flavour from the Taka region’s eggs on the outside and a homemade red bean filling on the inside.


10.Meiderachika rice cake

Meiderachika rice cake is a delicious tea and ice cream treat.

Don’t forget to bring a box of Otsu’s famous “Mitsuiji Rikki”, a popular snack from the Mitsuiji Meiderachika rice cake, a long-established shop founded in 1872, which is said to have been named after the monk Benkei who snatched the temple’s Buddhist bell and dragged it to Mount Hiei. The bite-sized mochi is covered in white sugar syrup and sprinkled with a generous amount of green bean powder mixed with matcha tea for a natural taste with no additives or preservatives.


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