Commercial supermarket/Gyomuyo Supermarket

What is a commercial supermarket?

As the name suggests, “business supermarkets” have a reputation for offering large professional-use, commercial-sized seasonings and other items in quantities and sizes not normally available in supermarkets at low prices. In addition to the great value for money, recently imported and Halal-certified foodstuffs are available at low prices, making it a popular store for foreigners as well.

It is rumored that business supermarkets are quite inexpensive.

The “business supermarkets” are business supermarkets operated by Kobe Bussan, and mainly sell foodstuffs for business use.

As a business supermarket, one might think that it is only for vendors, but as its large sign says, “General Customers Welcome,” it is a store that ordinary consumers can use as well.

Vegetables are sold in front of the store. Sometimes they have a tuna dismantling show.

It is open from 9:00 a.m.

It’s like they just put it there.

Beer is also inexpensive.

At commercial supermarkets, we recommend that you buy items that are divided into small bags. Also, to avoid waste, choose the best size for the amount you need, or aim for those that are easy to freeze and store in small portions.

We hope you find this information useful.

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