Kumamoto must buy recommended 10 gifts,souvenirs

Speaking of Kumamoto Prefecture, you can think of a lot of delicious food, including horse sashimi and mustard lotus root.

Here are 10 selected items that will surely please your family, friends as souvenirs.

The mustard lotus root, the most famous local dish in Kumamoto. This is made by mixing the specialty wheat miso with Japanese mustard, filling it in a lotus root hole, attaching a batter, and fried in oil. Once you eat the crunchy texture and the exquisite spiciness of the spicy miso. However, This does not keep long because ths is fried dish, so it is recommended that you eat it immediately after returning home.

This goes very well with alcoholic drinks. It is delicious even if you add some mayonnaise or soy sauce if you like. This is a local dish of Kumamoto that is famous alongside horse sashimi, so I think This has an impact as a Kumamoto souvenir.

・Price: 100g approx. 250 yen

2.Ikinari dango

“Ikinari Dango” is a wrapping of sweet potato and red bean bean paste in salty dumpling dough. This is a simple but tasty snack that has been popular in Kumamoto since ancient times.

This is a Japanese sweet that feels like a nostalgic snack. The origin of the name is suddenly (meaning “sudden” in Kumamoto dialect), meaning that customers can make it as soon as they come, and raw sweet potatoes are sliced, wrapped in dumpling dough and steamed “easy to make It is said that the meaning of “dango” overlaps.

・Fee: 130 yen per piece

3.Homare no jindanko,Busha gaeshi

“Homare no jindanko” is a fragrant dish of red beans wrapped in a soft fertilizer like a drum. With the taste of a craftsman made with only natural ingredients, you will be able to cut it elegantly with the attached paper knife. “Mushagae” of the same ume is a famous confection named after the magnificent Ishigaki of Kumamoto Castle.

In particular, Jin Taiko is a famous confection that represents Kumamoto. Jin taiko is a fertilizer like rice cake hardened with jelly like yokan with grains left. This features an elegant taste that matches Japanese tea. Warriors are wrapped in puff pastry, so they go well with tea and coffee. Both are famous confections, so why not combine them for a souvenir?

・ A sales agency: Sweet plum
・ Price: Kumamon Jin Taiko 9 pieces ¥ 1,131 (tax included), Mushagae (8 pieces) 1,113 yen (tax included)
・website URL: http://www.kobai.jp/

4.Brown sugar donut stick

This is a classic Fuji Bambi donuts stick. This is a sweet black honey soaked donuts stick. Because this is divided into small pieces, it is convenient to distribute as souvenirs, buy it for yourself, sneak in your pocket and take it as emergency food or snack.

Fuji Bambi, famous for its brown sugar donuts sticks.They started making donuts 30 years ago. Utilizing the technique of making karinto, brown sugar donuts have been loved by many for many years with moderate sweetness and moderate texture. It seems to match both Japanese tea and black tea.

・ Distributor: Fuji Bambi
・ Fee: 432 yen (tax included) with 12 brown sugar donut sticks
・website URL:http://www.fujibambi.com/


One of the world’s largest fresh, fragrant citrus fruits. You can enjoy a refreshing aroma, sweet and sour, fresh texture.

Enjoy the vivid colors and fresh aroma for about a month, and when the skin becomes soft, it’s time to eat. Juices and jellies are recommended for those who are too large to take home as souvenirs.

The juice contains a lot of vitamins, and citric acid is the main component.  It is also recommended to enjoy the Yubai Yuzu bath, which has a beauty effect, using the yellow skin and the cotton-like portion of “Yubai Yuzu” cut after eating.

・Price: 500 yen per ball

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6.Horse meat sashimi

Kumamoto’s well-known local cuisine, “Basashi”. The texture that melts on the tongue and the taste of the meat are especially delicious. This is also a “low calorie, high protein” healthy menu compared to other meats. This is generally served with grated ginger and garlic soy sauce. Sold in frozen and vacuum packs.

Speaking of Kumamoto, many people have the image of “horse sashimi”. By all means, I would like you to enjoy the taste in Kumamoto, but there are also frozen ones for souvenirs. This is also delicious with grated ginger and onion slices.

・Price: Red horse sashimi 220g 2,160 yen (tax included)


One of the most popular ones here is Kumamoto Ginsai-an’s Shion. In Kumamoto, This is a stick-type cheesecake made from sweet potato, called Karaimo. The moist mouthfeel and vivid natural purple color are beautiful and should be especially appreciated by women.

The balance between tomato and cheese is exquisite. As it is easy to eat stick type, it is the best souvenir for many people. Karaimo is from Otsu in Kumamoto, a famous locality. Sweet, hokuhoku and tasty sweet potatoes make it a vivid Western-style candy.

・ Distributor: Kumamoto Ginsai-an
・ Price: 1,080 JPY
・website URL:http://www.ginsaian.com/

8.Shokun no tsuki

Famous confection “Kumamoto Castle Takaaki’s Moon” that won the 2010 and 2012 Monde Selection Gold and Silver Awards. This is a collaboration of rich white chocolate. This is very sweet and mellow.

This sweet, made with the image of the full moon. The taste is a sweet that exquisitely matches the simple sweetness, the sticky texture and the rich sweetness of white chocolate.

・ Distributor: Kiyomasa Confectionery
・ Price: 4 packets ・ 8 tablets 486 yen (tax included)
・website URL:http://kiyomasaseika.jp/

9.Kumamoto Castle Fortress Story-The Main Tower

If you are a history lover, a castle lover, or a craft lover, this is the “Kumamoto Castle Fortress Story”. Contains 4 simple and gentle-tasting rice crackers and a paper craft from the castle tower of Kumamoto Castle.

Without using scissors and glue, you can make a large castle tower of Kumamoto Castle of 1/185 size. this is a good souvenir of Kumamoto where the idea shines. It’s easy to imagine a simple paper craft when it comes to paper craft, but this Kumamoto Castle paper craft is well reproduced in every detail. After building Kumamoto Castle, you can display it as an interior.

・ Distributor: Kiyomasa Confectionery
・ Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)
・website URL:http://kiyomasaseika.jp/

10.Drinking yogurt

Ubuyama ranch “Drinking yogurt” is a delicious yogurt that is incomparable to ordinary yogurt.This is a valuable item made from cow milk called Brown Swiss.

This features a rich body and sweetness.

・ Distributor: Ubuyama Farm
・ Fee: Yogurt set for eating and drinking 1,750 yen
・website URL: http://ubuyama.com/

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