I went to the hot spring “Yukemuri Yokocho” -♪


Yukemuri Yokocho is a one-day spa facility.

It features natural hot spring water, a number of baths that are sterilized without chlorine, saunas, and a food and beverage corner that recreates the retro atmosphere of the Showa period (1926-1989).

Yumemuri Yokocho Misato is a natural hot spring located near Piala City Ichi, where Viva Home is located.
It is advertised as “Misato Hot Spring,” a blessing of the earth that springs from 1,300 meters below the ground.

The parking lot is large and quite chic. The bus stop is also right in front of the building.

General admission is 950 yen and members can enter for 850 yen. If you have a Saison card, you can become a member for free. I became a member with that.
Towels can also be used by buying a ticket from a vending machine.


You can also eat inside. It is a little dimly lit.
The inside of the building is like a recreation of a town from the Showa period. There is a footbath, a restaurant, and a teppanyaki corner. There are of course the standard massages and akasuri, but there is also a beauty salon and a spacious bedrock bath.

You get a key at the front desk and lock yourself in a locker. You will need two keys, so be careful not to lose them.


The open-air area is quite extensive.
There are two rock baths, one hot and one lukewarm, a Shigaraki-ware urn bath, and a bathhouse named “Iori Yu,” all of which are filled with hot spring water. The variety of bathtubs is very enjoyable.

There is also a strong salt spring, which makes the skin smooth.
The open-air baths are great when the weather is nice. This facility is designed to be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.


Misato Onsen Yukaisoukai Yukamuri Yokocho Misato

2-30 Hikokawado, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture

From Misato Station or Shin-Misato Station on the JR Musashino Line, take a 10-minute bus bound for Piala City and get off at Hikokawado 2-chome bus stop.

Official website


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