【Sightseeing】How to buy a Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass in English

How to buy a Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass in English

Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass is a convenient ticket for excursions in Tokyo.
You can go around the Tokyo for 750 yen a day. You can only take JR line.

You can purchase this Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass from the Green Window (Midori no madoguchi) or from a ticket vending machine. Buying by ticket vending machine is easy.

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To purchase in English, press “ENGLISH” .

Press “Discount Ticket” from the list on the left.

Press「Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass」.

This is the ticket. The fare for this pass is 750 yen for adults and 370 yen for children.

You can use this in the metropolitan area if you put it in the automatic ticket gate, but be careful to forget to take it as the ticket is out every time.

The ticket is valid for one day (only on the day). (If it passes 0 o’clock, it is valid until the last train)

When you go to outside the free area by using this pass, pass through the ticket gate with an attendant of the station where you got off.

As this pass can not be fare adjustment by the machine, you do it at the ticket gate with an attendant.

This ticket is very useful for foreigners to visit Tokyo.

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