【Highway bus】I moved from Nagoya to Tokyo by the mid-night bus “Graceliner”

Grace Liner is a night bus between and Kansai – nagoya run by Grace Tourism. There are two types of Graceliner which are “Standard” and “Grand Grace”. The difference between Standard Class and Grand Grace is 11 rows for Standard and 10 rows for Grand Grace( the sheet pitch is wide). Grand Grace will arrange seat for the lady next to each other. If it is a weekday,  you can go to Tokyo or Nagoya at 3,000 yen.

Where is the Bus terminal/stop?

Meeting point is in front of the fountain. There is a staff here to tell you the bus stop.
Even if you are waiting at the JR Highway Bus Station, be aware that this is different.

Here is a bus stop. I became uneasy but there was a bus. There is a staff.

This is in the car. There is a separating curtain.

There was an outlet and a blanket. The seat was downed in advance.
The foot of the seat by the window was a hindrance.

There are three items, earplugs, eye masks and masks, which are good items to take on a night bus trip. You can sleep well.

The lights were turned off and it was dark at midnight, so I couldn’t play with my smartphone.

There were two breaks along the way.

Arrival is Ikebukuro Sunshine City.

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