【Nagoya】I stayed at Grace Inn Nagoya!

Here is a very ordinary business hotel. Here is also convenient to go a bar.
Subway Marunouchi and Fushimi station are also close. The appearance is like this.

Anyway, clean and service is necessary and sufficient. I think employees are well educated, including cleaning staff. There are many comics in the lobby.

Here is bathroom.

The room looks like this. There are WIFI and wired LAN. There was also a Line cable. WIFI was also very fast.

Especially the breakfast buffet was delightful with many types of bread.

The suitcase was also kept after check out.

There is a feeling of being somewhat old, but room is large, and transportation convenience was very good.

You can book here

Address:460-0003 2-6-30, Naka Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

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