【Naha】Santiago Guesthouse Naha is very convy place to access

They are located near the Yui Rail Asahibashi Station and Naha Bus Terminal.

The outside looks like this.

Check-in can be done on the ground floor, but staff are often absent.

【Naha】Eating Okinawa soba at Minoya
I came to eat Okinawa soba at Minoya. They are located on the ninth...

Here is a floor guide. Enter with a password.

The room looks like this. The room surrounded by trees.
There is also little sound leakage from the top to the bottom.

There are also four outlets.

Here is a locker. You can leave your suitcase here. As there is no staff in the early morning check out, so when you check out , You have left the key insert to the locker.

The common room on the first floor is a tatami mat.

The shower room was also clean. There were two.

It was very quiet to stay , comfortable, clean and close to the station so I would like to use here again.

You can book here

Address:1-18-3 Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

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