How to get on the Doraemon Tram (Manyo Line)

About Doraemon Tram (Manyo Line)

The Manyo Line is a railroad line connecting Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, with the city of Imizu in the same prefecture.
Officially, the Manyo Line is divided into two lines: the Takaoka Track Line (track) from Takaoka Station to Rokudoji Station, and the Shin-Minatominato-Ko Line (railroad) from Rokudoji Station to Koshinogata Station.

However, the Takaoka Kosoku Line is a track line, and most of it is a combined track, while the Shin-Minatominato-Line is a full-fledged railroad line.
However, all the cars on the Shin-Minatominato-Ko Line are streetcar type, so the entire Manyo Line is actually treated as a streetcar line.

Doraemon tram

The Doraemon Tram runs through Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture, the hometown of Fujiko F. Fujio. The blue tram car with the image of Doraemon is very popular among tourists and children, and makes the Manyo Line trip a fun experience.

The Manyo Line itself, on which the Doraemon Tram runs, is also highly varied. The line is divided into a combined track in Takaoka City and a dedicated track on the Shin-Minato Port Line, and once out of the city it runs through industrial areas, warehouses along the river, and along the sea.

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Doraemon Tram Timetable

Please refer to the PDF below for the timetable of the Doraemon Tram.


Doraemon Tram Fees

The Doraemon Tram can be ridden with regular fare only. No special fare is required. The initial fare on the Manyo Line is 200 yen, and the fare from Takaoka to Koshinogata is 400 yen.

Manyo Line One-day Free Ticket Fare

  • Adult: 900 yen
  • Child: 450yen
  • parent-child set: 1,100yen

Manyo Line One-day Free Ticket Fare

  • Adult: 1,100 yen
  • Child: 550 yen

The Manyo Line starts at Takaoka Station stop. With the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015, Takaoka Station became a shared station between JR West and Ainokaze Toyama Railway. The Manyo Line Takaoka Station, which was located in front of the station, was extended to the station in 2014.

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