How to get to Basta Shinjuku

About Basta Shinjuku

Basta Shinjuku is a facility that includes an express bus terminal (4th floor), a cab stand (3rd floor), and a tourist information center.
It opened in front of JR Shinjuku Station in April 2016.

Particularly noteworthy is the function of the express bus terminal, one of the largest in Japan.
It is used by an average of over 20,000 people per day, with as many as 38,000 people using it during the peak of the GW high-traffic season (May 2, 2019). Approximately 1,600 flights arrive and depart. (Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

How to get there

Basta Shinjuku is directly connected to JR Shinjuku Station via the New South Exit, a 2-minute walk from the ticket gate. There is also a bus stop and a cab stand, making it easy to transfer to a train, cab, or highway bus without stress.

As soon as you exit the new south ticket gate of JR Shinjuku Station, you will see an information board for express buses. On the left side of the ticket gate, there is an escalator that leads directly to the bus terminal on the 4th floor of Basta Shinjuku. It takes about one minute from the ticket gate to the entrance of the bus terminal. However, the new south ticket gate is open from 5:45 to 24:00. Outside of these hours, use the south ticket gate. To get there, cross the crosswalk just after the south exit ticket gate and it is right in front of you. It is a 4-minute walk from the ticket gate.

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The facility provides tourist information not only in Tokyo but also throughout Japan, and has a manned counter that can provide assistance in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.


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