Manpukuji Temple

Manpukuji Temple in Kyoto

Japanese law is very tolerant of social or religious organizations, so there are all kinds of religious groups in Japan, and here is one of the three major powers of Zen Buddhism.

Manpukuji Temple is located in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, which is relatively remote. The mountain where it is located is the main mountain of the Phellodendron sect and is called “Phellodendron Mountain”. The founder of the temple, Sakyamuni Nirai, was a monk from the eastern capital of China.

Manpuku-ji Temple was the latest temple to start a sect of Buddhism in Japan before the modern era, but it is a triple-legged temple of Japanese Zen Buddhism, together with Rinzai and Tso Dong Sects. The Japanese “Pucha cuisine” and “Sencha” both originated here.

How to get there

1. 5 minutes walk from Keihan Train Huanpou-eki Station
2.JR Nara Line Keihan-Uji Line Phellodendron Station



Opening hours



34, Gokasho Sanbanwari, Uji City, Kyoto, Japan

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