How to get to Hase Temple, Kamakura

About Hase Temple, Kamakura

Nagoya Temple is a Jodo’s Soto temple and is famous for the statue of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. The statue is an eleven-headed Kannon, with each head representing a feature of the Bodhisattva. The 9.18-meter-tall gilded wooden statue is considered the largest wooden carving in Japan and can be seen in the temple’s main hall. Mitsuzadanoko Visitors to Hoya Temple can enjoy the beautiful view of the seaside town of Kamakura from the terrace adjacent to the temple’s main hall. There are also small restaurants here that serve Japanese desserts such as sticky rice cakes (mitarashi dango), which are sticky rice noodle dumplings topped with a sticky sweet sauce cooked with sugar and soy sauce. Other snacks and drinks are also available.

How to get there

JR Yokosuka Line→Kamakura Station→Tomoeji (10 minutes) or Enoden (5 minutes) Odakyu Line→Fujisawa Station→Enoden→5 minutes walk from Hase Station

3-11-2 Hase, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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Nagoya Temple and Kamakura Buddha are very close to each other, walking distance is about 10 minutes, in fact, you can go together to see!
Nagoya Temple’s Nagoya Kannon is very famous! Is also a national treasure of Japan’s cultural relics, as if we Song Dynasty when some from China invited over!
We do not have much interest in this Kannon, and the trip is relatively rushed did not enter!


Nagoya Temple also requires an entrance fee of 400 yen!

Mid-level terrace and platform instead of more attractive, there is a hole in the space instead of more people deterred.

There is a “”hundred year old store”” on the side of the road to go in to eat eel, quite delicious ~ temple is that temple, crowded, but the food is still good ~ hahaha

The second time in the November season to Kamakura, because of the stay at the Nagoya station seaside B&B, the first stop came to the Nagoya Temple, climbing up to look at the entire Kamakura coastline, the weather is very beautiful, said a friend who traveled with the sea reminiscent of Nice, Kamakura and Nice seaside kind of leisurely feeling is really quite similar, as if said a paragraph and the temple has nothing to do with words.

Japanese temples are small, quiet, beautiful scenery, and the ancient city of Kamakura is very compatible

The view from the hill of Haga-ji Temple is very nice. It is said that the scenery has its own characteristics at different times of the year, and the view of the sea from the mountain is very open.

The kannon coffee crepes at this fat place in Haga-ji Temple are very appropriate.

There are rows of small Buddha statues, which are very cute. You can stand on the hill and look at the sea, but the view is average.

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