How to get to Mount Zaō

About Mount Zaō

Mount Zao is a group of active volcanoes that is part of the Ou Mountain Range in Japan, located at the border of the southern prefectures of Miyagi and Yamagata. The main peak, Kumano-dake, is located on the Yamagata prefectural side and is 1,841 meters above sea level.

The main peak is located on the Yamagata prefectural side and is 1,841 meters above sea level. Mikama is a crater lake 27 meters deep and 1,000 meters in circumference, and the color of the water changes with the seasons, so it is often called the Lake of Five Colors. There are several hiking trails from the base of the mountain to Mikama, and it is frequented by many hikers from spring to summer.

Due to the volcanic activity, there are many hot springs on the Zao Mountain Range, which have been famous in the northeastern region since ancient times. If you like skiing, you can visit Mount Zao in winter and enjoy the thrill of skiing while admiring the world’s rare “tree ice” spectacle!

How to get there

Basta Shinjuku – Yamagata Ekimae 23:50-6:05 Dream Yamagata/Shinjuku 5,900 yen

Yamagata Ekimae Bus Stop No.1 – Zao Onsen BT 6:50-7:26 1,000 yen Yamako Bus

Zao Ropeway 8:30~ every 15 minutes (on this day it runs anytime) 3,000 yen round trip

Zao Onsen BT-Yamagata Station 12:20-13:05
Yamagata-Tokyo 14:04-16:48 Tsubasa No. 144 6,050 yen + 4,590 yen

Yamagata-Tokyo unreserved seat express ticket is 4,590 yen until March 11; after March 12, all reserved seats are 5,400 yen, an increase of about 800 yen.


Mt. Zao, the main peak of the Zao mountain range. Mt. Zao is the general name for the mountain range centering on Mt. Kumanodake (Yamagata Prefecture) and Mt. It is a famous mountain selected as one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, and is a popular mountain visited by many climbers in all four seasons.


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