How to buy tickets for 36 plus 3

What’s about 36 plus 3

Debuting in October 2020, JR Kyushu’s “36 plus 3” is a 787 series six-car express train that runs on five different routes each day of the week. The train name is derived from Kyushu being the 36th largest island in the world and adding “3” for surprise, excitement, and happiness, 36 plus 3 = 39, which stands for “Thank You = Gratitude.

There is a lunch plan that includes a private room or seat and a meal, and a green seat plan that allows passengers to board with only a JR ticket. On Monday, there is the “Gold Route” between Hakata and Nagasaki via Saga, on Thursday the “Red Route” from Hakata to Kagoshima Chuo via Kumamoto and Hisatsu-Orenji Railway, on Friday the “Black Route” from Kagoshima Chuo to Miyazaki, on Saturday the “Green Route” from Miyazaki Airport to Oita/Beppu, and on Sunday the “Blue Route” from Oita/Beppu to Kokura/Hakata via Mojiko.

The “Blue Route” from Oita/Beppu to Kokura/Hakata via Mojiko on Sunday, and the “Black Route” from Miyazaki Airport to Beppu in Oita on Saturday. Each route offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities, lunch, and hospitality at each stop.

How to buy the ticket

The “Lunch Plan” and “Dinner Plan,” which include a ride on the “36 Plus 3” and a meal, can be reserved and purchased through the official JR Kyushu “36 Plus 3” website.

36 Plus 3 website

Boarding only

The “Green Seat Plan” for boarding only can be reserved and purchased from 10:00 a.m. one month prior to boarding at the JR Kyushu “36 Plus 3” official website, JR Kyushu “Internet Train Reservations,” Midori-no Madoguchi at JR stations, and major travel agencies. For details, please see the following page

If you want Whole Japan Rail Pass, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy discount Tickets

Booking Notes

Private rooms are available only with the “Lunch Plan” and “Dinner Plan”, which include a ride and a meal.

No meal plan or private room is available for the limited express “36 Plus 3” bound for Hakata Station departing from Sasebo Station.

Official website

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