How to get to Yashima

About Yashima

Yashima is a volcanic peninsula that juts into the Seto Inland Sea 6 kilometers east of Takamatsu City at an elevation of 293 meters, and is named after the flat top of the mountain, which looks like a roof. On Yashima Island, there are monuments such as Yashima Temple, which was built by Kanzen, and the Shishireiwa Observatory on Yashima Island is a great place to overlook the Seto Inland Sea.

Yashima is also famous as an ancient battlefield, where the battle of Yashima was fought as the penultimate stage of the Genpei War 800 years ago. Today, in Tanoura, east of Yashima, you can still find a lot of relics left by the warriors of both Genpei clans, including Komatate Rock, the tomb of Sato Jusenshin, the Somen ruins, and the Yoshikei Bow Ryu ruins.

How to get there

Take the Kotohira Dentetsu Shidu Line, get off at Kotoden Yashima, and transfer to a shuttle bus for 10 minutes to the Yashima hilltop parking lot.

〒760-8571 8-15, Ichidome, Bancho, Takamatsu City


A very beautiful place, the key is what, less people or less people, meet the Shanghai people but quite a lot, ha ha.
Standing at the top of the mountain, you can see the blue Seto Inland Sea, there are small bean islands, a variety of unknown islands, beautiful and beautiful, feeling more natural than Nagasaki’s daozuoshan, more original.

You can take a bus from both JR Yashima Station and Kinten Yashima Station to Yashima Mountain. The bus departs from JR Yashima Station, passes through Kinten Yashima Station and Shikoku Village, and then reaches the mountain (the bus does not stop at Shikoku Village on the way back). In addition to Yashima Temple and the aquarium, there are many historical sites and observation points on the mountain. I planned to walk around Yashima Temple and then go back, but I met a kind man who took me for a long walk, which took a lot more time than I planned, but it was worth the time.

The train from the city to Yashima is very cartoonish, just two sections, and the most traditional way to go on the ground, with a guardrail down at every intersection, accompanied by the sound of dangling. The bus that goes up the mountain only runs every twenty minutes, some people think it is inconvenient to get around, but I don’t think so. I came here to find a rare leisure and peace, so why should I be demanding that everything be compact? The lost minutes and seconds are no obstacle, take your time, we are not in a hurry. The view from the top is unbeatable, especially in front of a B&B called Momotaro, which is a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

From Shikoku Village, you can find a minibus stop to Yashima Island, and the fare is JPY100/person, so you can go up to the platform of Yashima Island directly.
The weather forecast said that a typhoon was coming, so basically all the stores here were temporarily closed and there was no place to get warm.

And at this moment also barefoot wearing slippers I just want to immediately down the mountain. After a short stroll here, I was ready to leave, and the bus was heated.
If the weather is good, this place must be beautiful. There are several B&Bs nearby, which should have a view of the mountains.

From JR Yashima Station and Kotohira Dentetsu, you can take a bus to Yashima Mountain, the fare is 100, but from 3pm onwards, the bus leaves once an hour. The latest bus from the mountain is at 5:25, so you can’t miss it. Yashima Temple has a nice view, but the weather is bad and you can’t see anything down from the observation deck. The Yashima Castle trail is a bit far, and there is nothing to see, so you can not go.


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