How to get to Kagawa Prefectural Office Building

About Kagawa Prefectural Office Building

The Kagawa Prefectural Hall is a completely open space with no external walls, symbolizing the breaking down of the barriers between public and private and the equality of all.

It resembles a traditional five-fold tower with a concrete building built with traditional techniques, a perfect blend of classical and modern. Despite its serious appearance, the interior floor is brightly colored and lovely in shape. It is worth a visit as a representative work of Kenzo Tange’s early architecture.

How to get there

(Bus stop 2) Shimogasai line (bound for Yumogeha) or Kosai line (bound for Kosai Shako-mae), get off at Kencho/Jika-mae bus stop.
(Bus stop 4) Rainbow Loop Bus bound for Nishimawari, get off at Kencho/Jika-mae bus stop.

From Kotoden Kawaramachi Station
Approx. 10 min.

Bus stop
(Bus stop: Kawaramachi Station East Exit) Machinaka Loop Bus (East bound) Get off at Kencho/Jika-mae

4-1-10, Ban-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture


It’s close to Central Park, but unfortunately the lobby and observation deck were closed on the Saturday we went, and the guards would say CLOSE, so we could only see the exterior. The first close encounter with the works of Kenzo Tange, the color and structure, although antique, but, in line with the positioning of the small town art atmosphere, and never look outdated.

It’s worth a visit ah This work is really very good There are also citizens here to brush their phones and read books sunbathing stools look good The opportunity to get up close to the designer’s work is rare The sun is shining

Outside is very serious inside is super cute

The building from more than 30 years ago still looks full of art even now. Inside, there is a display of the prefectural hall, introducing the process of construction, so I feel I must come here after coming to Takamatsu

I saw it here, but I didn’t take any pictures. Just now I realized that this is the work of a famous designer. Haha, I’m sorry.

In a very busy downtown area, there is a small park surrounded by many birds, and at night there are bird fights.


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