How to get to Takamatsu City Central Park

About Takamatsu City Central Park

Central Park is located in the center of Takamatsu City, a political, cultural, and commercial center where the prefectural office, city hall, high school, and shopping district are located, and represents Takamatsu City City Park.

The land of this park was originally a baseball field, and after it was moved out, it was converted into a park with a large lawn, woods and small rivers, which is a place that both children and adults love to get close to.

How to get there

Take the subway to Wamachi Station

Takamatsu City, Bancho Ichiban 15, 8, the main office building 9


It’s just an ordinary park, on the way to Kuribayashi Park in Hyogo Town, just passing by…

Live in the central park, the park is like that, there is no special good or bad, there is time to go to see it!

This is a small community park, passing by

Passing by again and again. It’s a quiet and low-key park. The sunset is very beautiful.

When I went to the late spring, and someone sitting on a bench under the cherry blossom tree, tilting his head to meet the warm sun, the gentle spring breeze, stepping on a ground mud, it is also considered a period of a while.

Although the name is Central Park, but the difference with New York’s Central Park is really not a little. In fact, it should only be considered a street park.

The hotel is located in Central Park, and the airport bus stops at Central Park. After dropping off my luggage, I had a look around, and it was a great place to relax.

On my first day in Takamatsu, I walked to Kuribayashi Park and passed by Takamatsu Central Park. The first thing I saw was the 114th bank, the Hundred and Fourteenth Bank, a tall building with a combination of old and new facade, on the left hand side of the opposite road, and Central Park on the right, with a large green area, very open, with sculptures, the statue of Tadakyo Shotaon and a very poetic flowing water decoration.

An urban green space was opened up by the central pass, and the park is not very big, as a place for citizens’ activities. Not too impressed.


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