How to get to Hamamatsu Castle Park

About Hamamatsu Castle Park

Hamamatsu Castle as a historical building in Shizuoka, and Hamamatsu Castle Park is equivalent to a garden in Hamamatsu Castle, to say that the size of words, do not think you can compare with Osaka Castle or Kumamoto Castle and so on, or you will be disappointed, but small but all the guts, architectural features or very good, the overall layout and flavor is very strong, the most important is free free free, a little rest to take pictures or something good!

How to get there

Bus: Hamamatsu Station Bus Terminal No. 13, get off at “Hamamatsu Castle Park Entrance”.
By car: From Hamamatsu Station, drive north on Route 152 and turn left at the north traffic light of “Shiyakusho-mae”.


Free of charge


It is a recreational park for people in the city, and it is not very big, but because Hamamatsu Castle is in the park, it also has some characteristics. In spring, the park is dressed in pink with cherry blossoms, which is very beautiful, and in autumn, the red leaves of maple trees give the park a unique maple charm, and with the background of the Japanese garden, it is still worth a stroll.

Hamamatsu Castle Park is a small park with Hamamatsu Castle, Hamamatsu Museum of Art, and a Japanese garden. But don’t get a big idea about Hamamatsu Castle. In fact, it is just a small house, and it is not comparable to Osaka Castle or other places. The Japanese garden is very unique, especially in autumn. Of course Hamamatsu Castle Park is free.


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