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About MOA Museum of Art

The walk from the station to the museum is really beautiful, very suitable for photos

The design of the museum is also very nice, but I’m not going to reveal more photos.

MOA is a private museum located in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1982 by the Mokichi Okada Association (abbreviated as MOA) of the Universal Salvation Church and houses the collections of the association’s founders and wealthy individuals from 1882 to 1955.

Special exhibitions will be held at different times.

How to get there

Admission to the MOA Museum of Art is 1,600 yen. There used to be a discount ticket from Tokai Bus that included a round-trip bus ticket and admission to the museum, but this is no longer available. 100 yen discount coupons are available at the Tourist Association in Atami Station. The MOA Museum of Art accepts credit cards and QR code payment (e.g. PayPay).


Adults 1,000 yen, high school students 800 yen, elementary and junior high students free of charge Closed every Thursday and at the end and beginning of the year


Traveling abroad is a pleasant thing, but to have fun, you must understand the local situation and travel strategy in order to have fun and enjoy yourself, so what are the strategies to travel to Atami MOA Art Museum? Here I will give you an introduction to introduce it, I hope it can be helpful to you.

The Atami MOA Museum of Art has a temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons, cold winters and hot summers, so it is suitable for travel all year round.

What is worth seeing at the Atami MOA Museum? Atami MOA Museum has a rich collection of artworks. Among the very famous collections are “Red and White Plum Picture Screen” by Mitsuhashi Ogata, “Painted Vine Flower Text Teapot” by Hitoshi Nonomura, and the calligraphy collection “Hanmojo” with 3 national treasures and 65 important cultural assets at the top. There is also a restaurant and souvenir store inside the museum.

There are also some important Western paintings, such as Monet’s water lilies and Rembrandt’s self-portrait. The museum was opened in 1957 as the Atami Art Museum, and later renamed MOA Art Museum in 1982 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Shigeyoshi Okada (1882~1955).

The design is unique. Not only is the design of the museum unique, but also the contents of the collection are all-embracing, including not only exhibitions of artworks from the Edo period, but also Oriental art as the core, covering various fields such as painting, calligraphy and crafts, as well as Western paintings and sculptures collected in recent years.


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