How to get to Miho Coast

About Miho Coast

Here is the World Heritage Site.

One of Japan’s New Three Views, located on the Miho Peninsula, is a pine forest of 36,699 trees stretching 7 km in total length. The scenery created by nature is registered as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites. Fuji and the Izu Peninsula across Suruga Bay, and has been featured in ukiyoe and other works of art.

How to get there

By bus: Get off at the Miho Matsubara entrance and walk for about 12 minutes;

JR line: JR Shimizu Station, Shizutetsu whole line Miho line, etc. 25 min.


It was very special, especially walking on the sacred path with hundreds of years of pine trees on both sides, it was really a different scenery, I arrived after 4pm, it was not too cold and not too hot, I slept for half an hour on the rocks of the beach.

Note that you have to hurry to the bus stop from the pier, otherwise you will have to wait for a long time again. When you get off the pier and walk forward to the road, turn left towards the aquarium, and there is a big parking lot on the right side of the crossroad near the aquarium where you can wait for the bus.

You can also rent bicycles at the pier, bicycles can be brought on board, and bicycles are also a good choice. Bicycle rental is calculated for one day. It takes about one hour to ride back to the pier. You can rent them at the ferry ticket counter at the pier. I didn’t rent a bike because it was inconvenient to bring the kids.

I bought a ferry ticket from Clearwater Bay Pier to Sambo Matsubara, and the rest of the journey was a bumpy one ……

Waited for an hour and then got on the ferry.

After a 10-minute walk to a deserted station, I waited 40 minutes for a bus to Miho Aquarium.

After getting off the bus, I walked about 3 km before finally arriving at my destination – Miho Matsubara (no more than seven people on the beach plus staff).

As is worthy of the World Heritage Site, please ignore my super bad photo level only one tenth of its beauty, the scenery is more beautiful than Taiwan’s Hualien’s Seven Star Lake, not in vain I walked so long [applause] three Pine Plains near a lot of homes can hardly see what people, except for an old man who looks like Li Jusong in a slow car wash, to see him on the way back to the car wash when he is still washing the pace of life absolutely Slow.

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