How to get to Shizuoka Sengen Shrine

About Shizuoka Sengen Shrine

The origin of Sengen Shrine is from the Heian period of Japan (around the ninth century), when it was built to stop the eruption of Mount Fuji, and it was mainly dedicated to the great god Sengen as the guardian of fire, good birth, prosperity and navigation. According to the legend, all Japanese people must visit Fuji Asama Shrine before going up the mountain to get blessings and peace. There are two most famous ones: one is Fujiyama Hongu Asama Shrine in southern Shizuoka Prefecture, which is the head shrine of more than 1,300 Asama shrines throughout Japan.

How to get there

From JR Shizuoka Station, take the Shizutetsu Bus Ando Cycle Nakamachi Circuit Line for about 10 minutes to the bus stop Akatoriya Station, and get off at the bus stop and walk there;

Or take the Sumpu Romance Bus for about 15 minutes to the Asama Shrine bus stop.


The shrine is okay. It is said to be the main shrine of Asama, and the view inside is very nice. The water is very clear.

I drew a lucky sign there. I read the sign, and it was quite accurate.

You can also hang up the painted horses, and I saw a lot of interesting painted horses.

I have to say that this place is very recommendable, there are several small shrines, more like a park, the environment is excellent. Secondly, climbing to the top of the shrine overlooks the whole Shizuoka city and you can see Mount Fuji from afar. (PS: If you like to collect seals, you can also find the seal in front of each shrine, and you can collect 3 or 4 seals in a circle)

Kawaguchiko’s Asama Shrine (part of Mt. Fuji’s collective declaration of World Heritage), this shrine has a history of more than 1,000 years and is not bad.

Japan is a special shrine, everywhere have their own side of the Holy Spirit, so only to go, to know why will get this no more hot-blooded anime


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