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About Isuien

Isuien Garden has some of the friendliest animals, while the Isuien Garden offers a peaceful place in a busy urban environment. We were fortunate to meet a docent at the entrance who explained the layout, intricacies and significance of the garden. He told us the background history of how the Isuzu Garden was started, designed and maintained. The Isui Garden is definitely worth a visit when visiting this area of Japan.


Adult 650 yen

How to get there

Take a city bus and get off at the “National Museum Mae” stop, and walk for 3 minutes.


The gate of Isuien Garden, with the sign of Isuien Garden on the left and the sign of Ningle Art Museum on the right.

From the gate, the left side of the road is the art museum, and the right side is the garden, we entered the art museum after visiting the garden.

The art museum is very small, in fact, the whole Isuien Garden is very small.

Even if you walk around the garden like we did, it took less than half an hour to turn out. The scenery of the small garden is still good, but it is far from stunning.

I’ve always loved garden architecture, which is why I’m leaving a little time for Isuien Garden in such a tight schedule, but from my aesthetic point of view, I don’t think it compares to the gardens in Suzhou, like the Humble Administrator’s Garden and other large gardens we don’t compare, just take the same small Net Master Garden to compare, I also think the Net Master Garden is better than Ishui Garden. I think the Ishui Garden is less dynamic, there is a sense of the middle of the road, the lack of the garden arrangement of the point of casual dash.

There is a very Japanese house in the garden, where visitors can sit under the veranda and rest.

Although it is August, but there is anxious maple leaves first red, it is estimated that when it really comes to autumn, the garden full of scenery is another scene.

All of us tourists departed from the train station to Isui Garden. At the entrance, we were lucky enough to meet our EGG guide (English Speaking Goodwill Guide of the Nara YMCA) who offered to show us around the garden. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We had planned to spend about 30 minutes in the gardens, but instead we spent over two hours playing. Our guide (Tomoko) was great. She was especially knowledgeable about the gardens and had a lot of insight. Because the gardens were so quiet, we were able to take a moment to soak in the beauty.


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