How to get to Rokko Garden Terrace

About Rokko Garden Terrace

This is the Rokko Garden Terrace viewing deck, surrounded by restaurants, commercial facilities and parks

How to get there

Take the Kobe City Bus 16 system from JR Rokko-do Station to Rokko Kaibul Shita Station, then take the cable car to Rokko Kaibul Hill Station, and then take the hill bus to

1-32 Ichigaya, Rokko-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe City


A good place to see the night view of Kobe port, but the night temperature is low and windy, so it is important to bring warm clothes!

For the night view, we had dinner here, the taste is still OK, but there are a lot of small bugs on the mountain.

The best place to see the night scenery. It’s just a bit cold. You need to wear more clothes. The best feeling is to eat barbecue while watching the night view, but the smoke is a bit heavy, it is said to be improved in November I am looking forward to the improved Genghis Khan barbecue restaurant.

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Meet Japanese Freinds


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