How to get to Kobe Dobutsu Kingdom

About Kobe Dobutsu Kingdom

The Kobe Dobutsu Kingdom opened in 2006 in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It is especially suitable for visitors with small children as they can get up close to various animals and plants. You can get a 10% discount on tickets with a Kansai Weekend Pass, and none of the animals inside are to be picked up, only stroked.

How to get there

Get off at Keidanomae Station

7-1-9 Minami-cho, Chuo-ku, Hong Kong Island, 650-0047


Not far from IKEA in Kobe, this is a very small semi-indoor zoo with a great variety of animals!

Don’t miss this place when you bring your kids to Kobe, it’s a real paradise for kids, the animals are not afraid of people and there are animal shows.
The garden has not only an indoor pavilion but also an outdoor one, and the plants are beautiful.
Some of the aquatic animals are also very cute.
One of the main features of the Japanese zoo is its cleanliness.

Let me start by saying: kids will love this place!
Kobe Dobutsu Kingdom is an indoor pavilion with air conditioning. Even though the animals are running and flying around, it is very clean and tidy.
The animals are super cute and the environment is cool and comfortable, so this is the best place to visit in Kobe in summer with kids.

When you arrive at Kobe Sannomiya Station on the Sakagami Line, you have to go up to the first floor and take the overhead sky train to the Kobe Airport and get off at the station before the final stop, Keikoku-kame-mae.
Although it was a weekend, there were not many passengers and the seats were comfortable. It was nice to see Kobe from the air!
Once we got off the train, we followed the signs and went straight to the entrance of Kobe animal kingdom.

As soon as we entered the museum, my little one was thrilled and anxious, urging me on to get close to the cute little animals. It was too much fun for the kids in town!
Dobutsu Kingdom closes at 5:30pm. Too early for closing time! It’s not a big place, but the kids had so much fun with so many cute and well-behaved animals, it was a great opportunity! We couldn’t get enough of them…

A word of warning: don’t leave through the exit, as many Japanese visitors come by car and the exit is a car park with no trees and the sun is very hot. So we went back to the entrance, which took us straight to the station, up the stairs, or back to Kobe Sannomiya underground station on the Skytrain (New Kotsu Minato Artificial Island Line).

I would recommend taking your children there. It’s not too crowded, you can interact with the animals, they’re all cute and adorable!

Children will love it. You can get up close and personal with the deer, ducks and other animals. The dog jumping rope show is a highlight!

Most of the animals are close to each other and there are lots of flowers. The water dolphins are so cute! Especially recommended for families with young children! There are animal shows at different times of the day, some of them require a fee for a group photo, and you can buy food to feed the animals. Under the trellis you can enjoy a buffet.

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