How to get to Kobe City Museum

About Kobe City Museum

The Kobe City Museum was formerly known as the Kobe City Nanban Museum of Art. It was built in 1982 by merging with the Kobe City Archaeological Museum. It was built and expanded on the site of the former Kobe branch of the Yokohama Shogin Bank, which was built in 1935, and was designated as a landing-level protected cultural asset in 1998.

The basic theme of the museum is international cultural exchange – the contact and change of East and West cultures. The collection contains 21 national treasures, 76 key cultural assets, and a total of 38,000 items in the collection.

Particularly famous among them are the paintings of southern barbarians from the 16th to 17th centuries. Inspired by European Renaissance art brought by missionaries, some of these paintings on screens or scrolls depict scenes of the Portuguese fleet landing in Japan at that time, and because they are easily damaged, these paintings are only on display for 40 days a year (late July to early September) For the remainder of the year, only reproductions can be admired and other exhibits about Kobe’s archaeology and history can be visited.

How to get to there

It takes about 10 minutes from Shinkansen Shin-Kobe Station to the south by car, about 10 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station and Sannomiya Subway Station to the southwest, about 10 minutes from JR Motomachi Station to the southeast, and about 8 minutes from the map of the old residence, Daimaru, to the southeast.

24 Kyōmachi, Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi, Hyōgo-ken 650-0034


The building of the Kobe Municipal Museum was built during the World War II period and resembles the buildings preserved in the Dalian and Shenyang areas of China during the Japanese counterfeit period. The history of the museum says that this was once the local bank, and now the Kobe Museum can learn about the history and original appearance of Kobe.
Admission to the museum is: 200 yen.
Access: Take a bus around the city to the old Sannomiya residence, then walk over.

The exhibition itself is not much, but when I went to catch the special exhibition of Greece, the entrance fee is quite expensive, but the things are very shocking!

Because the British Museum 100 special exhibition arranged to go to Kobe, also took the opportunity to visit the Kobe City Museum. Kobe is not big, if not by car, most places can be reached on foot, like walking travelers are very suitable. (20150929mark)

The museum was built in 1935 as a bank and is a landmark of the old settlement with the theme “East meets West. The front façade of the museum is distinctive with its Greek-style half-columns in a Doria style.

The Kobe City Museum is a small museum housed in an old building from the World War II era, which exhibits the history of Kobe’s commercial port, with some models of the past.

The main museum in Kobe City has an exhibition of ancient China, which is located near the Daimaru Department Store, in a Western-style building, and is relatively old.

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