How to get to Mogei no yakata

About Mogei no yakata

Mogei no yakata was originally the apartment of Hunter Sharp, the U.S. Consul General in Kobe. It was built in 1903 as the apartment of Mr. Hunter Sharp, the U.S. Consul General in Kobe. The light green facade of Mogei no yakata is striking and gives a sense of calm. From the corridor on the south side of the second floor of the Mogei no yakata, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea in Kobe Bay. The Mogei no yakata is also an important cultural property designated by the Japanese government.

How to get to there

20 minutes walk from JR Sannomiya Station

3-10-11 Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku


The light green facade is very fresh. There is a self-service ticket machine here, and the labor saving is very much in place. Probably to protect the facilities inside the house, you have to take off your shoes and wear slippers to enter here. There are two floors, and the arrangement of each room is obvious. On the first floor, there is a stamp at the front door, and a blank space is left for stamping on the introduction sheet given.

The Mogei no yakata is rather bleak and less popular than the Kazami Chicken House next to it. If you want to visit inside, it’s worth buying a combined ticket for both museums together with the Kazami Chicken Museum.

I bought a ticket and went in for a visit, the classical European and American flavor, the last time I was there it was Christmas and it was full of Christmas atmosphere.

You can still see the chimney that was shaken, a large balcony for a cup of black tea in the afternoon.

At first the name thought the building is warm goose yellow, which know is actually green it, and did not feel this green what is so cute ah ~ but the pavilion in front of the fat little trumpeter bronze statue is cute! Buy the Moe Yellow Museum ticket alone is 500Yen, if you buy the two museums and the wind see the chicken Museum combined ticket will cost a total of 650Yen.

The wooden 2-story building next to Kazami Tori-kan is the residence of the American Consul General Sharp in 1903. The light green façade is so distinctive that it is also known as “Mogei no yakata”. To the left of the entrance is a living room with a unique rose wallpaper, and in the corner of the study room is the “Goldfish Swimming on Stone” series by Kobe artist Iwata.
A very cozy house, although not as luxurious as Kazami-no-kan, and certainly not as luxurious as Uroko’s house, but better than a small fresh color. The wooden floor is worth a look as you have to drag your shoes in.
The balcony is great.
The marble bust on the cupboard on the right side of the dining room is a bartered work by Mrs. Kobayashi’s grandfather, Japanese painter Tatsuhiko Sugata, in Italy with other artists, and it is said to be very expensive.

The Mogei no yakata located on Kitanozaka, next to the Kazami Chicken House, but it is neither yellow nor moe, but rather green and unpleasant, so we didn’t go in. It is said that there are many objects from the past inside as well as the Kazami Chicken Museum. We took a few pictures, looked at the flowers, and rested for a while before heading back down the hill by car.

There is a combined ticket for Moe Yellow House and the next-door Kazami Chicken House, 650 yen/person.
Not many tourists go in to visit, thinking that since we are here and do not save money, so go in and see it.
The name of this house Moe, the color is repainted at the back, light green, very soft, quite like the color.
The design of the interior is quite chic, the bathroom has two doors, you can pay attention to see.
On the balcony there is a collection of news about the Hanshin earthquake, a faint sense of melancholy.

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