How to get to Kobe City Prince’s Zoo

About Kobe City Prince’s Zoo

The Kobe City Prince’s Zoo is located in Prince’s Park and covers an area of 80,000 square metres, housing over 1,300 animals of some 200 species. Among them are the famous Chinese pandas and golden monkeys, and the Australian tree bears, which are the most popular. In addition, the park has an amusement park, a tour bus and the old Hunter’s Hall, which has a romantic atmosphere.

How to get there

5 minutes walk north from JR Nadan Station

3-1 Oji-machi, Nadan-ku


I went in when the night cherry blossoms opened this year, but unfortunately the opening date was too late and the cherry blossoms had almost faded, but it was still beautiful.

The zoo is quite big and has a giant panda. The park is very green and there are many cherry trees, so it should be very beautiful when the cherry blossoms are in season. There is also an amusement park in the park, but it costs 200 yen for a separate entrance fee. Admission to the zoo is 600 yen for adults, which is not too expensive. You can spend the whole day with children.

Haha A great place for a honeymoon. The popular star is our national treasure, the giant panda. Here they are like a master. The Japanese just love it. A great place for a date with kids anyway

Highly recommended for cherry blossom season. The pear blossoms on the mountains are so beautiful. No, the cherry blossoms are not so cute. In short very beautiful

Tickets are not expensive, there are many animals and many children, a very happy place, you can also stamp oh

Prince zoo animal science information museum do well, knowledge is easy to understand, using a large number of models physical video pictures interactive games, lively and interesting.

The Kobe City Prince’s Zoo is located in Prince’s Park and covers 80,000 square metres, with over 1,300 animals of about 200 species kept in the park.

It is a large area and the entrance fee is 600 yen. There are giant pandas and golden monkeys, which are still very cute.

Children can spend a day here as there are playgrounds. The zoo is not too big, but most of the exhibition halls are floor-to-ceiling glass and children are at a height where they can see all kinds of animals, which is something that the domestic zoo design does not take care of.

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