How to get to Itami Sky Park

About Itami Sky Park

Itami Sky Park was developed as a buffer green space to mitigate aircraft noise in cooperation with the national, prefectural, and municipal governments in 1993, and was completed in July 2008. It is a vast park of approximately 9 hectares adjacent to the Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport) runway. It consists of nine areas, including the North Entrance, the Hill of the Big Sky, and the Hill of Adventure, with a strip of grass mounds approximately 7 meters high. From the top of the hill, visitors can enjoy an up-close view of the runways and powerful aircraft takeoffs and landings, attracting many tourists, including couples and families.

The “hilltop parking lot” is also one of the best viewing spots, as you can overlook the airport runway from your car. At night, the night view of the airport can be appreciated along with the energetic and powerful sounds. At Starry Sky Hill, a 130-meter-long path named “Starlight Path” shines brightly. Inside the path are hidden eight constellations represented by LEDs, providing a relaxing place to enjoy the colorful night view of the airport.

The cascade (small waterfall) and fountain in front of the Sky Terrace (observation facility) will also be illuminated to create a vivid colorful image. The “ITAMI sign” on the hill of rest was designed to add youthfulness and vitality to the city, based on the theme of the continuity of the roofs of sake breweries and town houses in the birthplace of sake, a symbol of the city’s traditions and history.

How to get there

20 minutes by bus from Hankyu Itami Station (city bus)
15 minutes by bus from JR Itami Station (city bus)
15 minutes by bus from Osaka International Airport (city bus)


Located directly behind Itami Airport, it is a long and narrow site along the runway.
There is also a playground and a fountain area, each of which is divided into different areas,
You can go to different areas depending on your purpose.
On holidays, the parking lot gets quite crowded with photographers and families, so it is recommended to arrive early.
Even though there are a lot of people, it does not feel that crowded because the site is large.
It is fun to watch the planes roaring in front of you as they take off and land!


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