How to get to Maiko Marine Promenade

About Maiko Marine Promenade

Maiko Sea Promenade is a viewing trail facility opened on the Kobe City side of the Akashi Strait Bridge, one of the world’s largest suspension bridges. It is about 47 meters above the sea, and the distance from the land to the sea is 150 meters, and it is a circumambulatory walkway with a total length of about 317 meters.

A 47-meter-high monopod over the sea – a full score for shock! At the entrance of the walkway on the 1st floor, there is an exhibit with detailed explanations of the bridge, and the observation camera system in the observation lobby on the 8th floor allows you to feel the sensation of climbing the main tower of the Akashi Strait Bridge at a height of about 300 meters.

You can stroll slowly along the Maiko Sea Walk while looking at the majestic figure of the Akashi Strait Bridge.

How to get to there

Maiko Park Station on Sanyo Electric Railway from Maiko Station on JR

〒655-0047 Hyōgo-ken, Kōbe-shi, Tarumi-ku, Higashimaikochō, 2051


In Maiko Park, take the elevator to the walkway 47m from the sea, you can walk on the Akashi Bridge for a while, the upper level is for walking cars, there are also souvenir stores, coffee and light meals restaurants and other facilities. 300 yen or so admission price is very affordable.

‎It’ll be worth it to come here.

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