How to get to Kobe City Rokko Mountain Ranch


In addition to the famous stargazing platform on Mount Moya in downtown Kobe, there are also various viewing platforms and resort facilities on the mountain, including the Rokko Mountain Ranch, where you can get close to small animals.

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How to get there

From Hankyu Rokko Station to Rokko Ropeway by city bus, transfer to Rokko Moyama bus to Rokko Mountain Ranch

1-1 Naka-Iriyama, Rokko-yama-cho, Kobe City


Rokko Mountain Ranch in the winter season, the mountain is full of snow, but the entrance fee is 500 yen per person, parking fee is also 500 yen, probably because of the city, to Kyushu, Hokkaido, several private ranches are not charged, the feeling is that the level of service here is also a bit cold, dairy souvenirs are not much, the ranch homemade desserts are also average level.

The Rokko Moya Sky Shuttle bus goes to the M06 Rokko Mountain Ranch station. The ranch is not large, the animals inside are more common cattle, horses, sheep and so on, mainly to provide children with close contact with animals, some performances and activities, you can pay attention to the schedule. There is a large hillside area where the sheep are free to walk around and become the object of play for children.

This is a great place to visit for families in the Kobe area. I put this place on the same day as the Breadwinner Museum in Kobe, so it was a family day. There is a direct bus service on weekends, but it is not very convenient to come here on weekdays, so

The children will have to plan ahead. Milking the calves and shearing the lambs was much more exciting for the kids than at the Breadwinner Museum.

I went there on the weekend, and took a direct bus from Hankyu Rokko Station to Ranch 780, and the road was full of S-curves. There was a bit of sun at the bottom of the mountain, but when it got to the top it was white, so I couldn’t see the night view, so I played in the pasture for a while. There are a few maple trees near the barn that are very beautiful, just fallen maple leaves red, yellow and green so fresh. The ice cream at the ranch tasted pure and delicious! When I came back, I went across the road and waited for the bus, and then I returned to Hankyu Rokko Station.

It’s worth coming, off-season weekdays. Take the Hankyu Line Rokko Station from Sannomiya Station, transfer to bus No. 16 (possibly other roads are also available) for six or seven stops to the Rokko Mountain Ropeway Station, take the Park Ropeway (round-trip ticket 1,000 yen) to the Sky View Terrace on the mountain (should be the famous Rokko Mountain Observation Deck), and there are many buses on the Sky View Terrace to different attractions, and take No. 2 to Rokko Mountain Ranch. So it’s quite a trip, the road is not far, but ask back and forth, plus wait for the bus almost 2 hours.
QBB restaurant has cheese fondue, my sister’s favorite, the restaurant is beautiful, the window is the hillside sheep grass, a slight sense of Swiss style. The souvenir store downstairs of the restaurant has a wide variety and the design is very kawaii ฅ*.

We should note that the direct bus only runs on weekends, if you want to go on weekdays, you can only take the Rokko cable car up the mountain and then transfer

A good choice for parents and children, go to Kobe is recommended to arrange a day to see, will not be disappointed, but it is best to miss the weekend time

After the new rain on the empty mountain, the weather comes late in autumn. The moon shines between the pines, and the spring flows on the rocks. They are all goats, their wool is very clean, feed them food will be head out to grab to eat, very cute. Today it is raining and the sound of the wind and leaves, a little thought of “My Savage Girlfriend” inside that tree. Very quiet and peaceful piece of pasture.

The landscape is superb in autumn and the trees are rich in color. You can feed goats, sheep, etc. You can feed milk to baby dairy cows 2 times a day.

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